The Ultimate Guide to Creative Photography

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Creative photography is about putting ideas into practice and seeing awesome results from unexpected setups.

We have collected our top articles to guide you in your creative photography adventures!

Beginners Guide to Shooting Still Life Photography

Still-life photography is an excellent way to dive into creative photography and improve your photography skills.

You are in control of every single aspect. It gives you more freedom than any other photography genre. And you don’t even need a lot of fancy equipment.

In this article, we’ve got some great case studies to help you get started.

Easy and Fun Still Life Photography Ideas

You don’t need any complicated gear or rare props for amazing creative photography. The most important thing you need is inspiration and a good idea to start with.

We collected ten easy and fun creative photography ideas that you can do at home. You can try playing around with patterns or shapes. You can include chalk drawings to make your images look fun. Or you can play with food or coffee.

Great Tips for Shooting Still Life Photography

So the ideas above inspired you to jump into creative still-life photography. But where and how should you start?

Well, you need to start with the equipment. What type of lens should you use for your creative still-life images? What about other essential equipment, like a tripod? We suggest getting one to have consistent results. A tripod also frees up your hand, which can be crucial when you start to experiment with dynamic creative images.

Still Life Composition Tips for Photographers

As a beginner photographers, we hear way too many rules and have to learn a lot of academic knowledge. But often what we need is practical tips, instead of all the theory.

For example, you can use simple shapes like triangles or curves as templates for your composition. Or use balance and symmetry to draw the viewer’s eye.

We have a few more composition tips to help you improve your creative photography skills. And you can forget those mainstream composition rules for a little bit!

How to Use Complementary Colors in Photography

One of the easiest yet most effective ways to create eye-catching creative images is the combination of colors.

Some colors pair well together and create visually pleasing results.

Complementary colors are the opposite of each other on the color wheel. They create the strongest possible contrast, which leads to vivid and energized effects.

There are a few popular complementary color pairings, like red and green or yellow and purple.

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