Tips for Taking Beautiful Hummingbird Photos

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Did you know that hummingbirds got their names from the humming sound their wings make? It is because they flap very fast. This fast movement is one of the things that makes photographing hummingbirds difficult.

In this article, we have collected tips to take great hummingbird photography shots.

1. Where Do You Find Hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds live all across the American continent. They are migratory birds and fly to warmer areas in winter. But they do not ever leave the continent.

The first step is to research what species live near you and when they migrate. They are most common in Central and South America, but you can also find them in Canada and Alaska.

Lucky for photographers, hummingbirds eat a lot. Thanks to this, you can frequently find them around flowers.

You can meet hummingbirds throughout the day. But they are the most active around dawn and then later at dusk.

2. How to Attract a Hummingbird

As they fly fast, it is going to difficult to take good photos of them. But if you know how to attract them to your garden, it will be easier.

It is no coincidence that in most images, you see hummingbirds around flowers. They are pollinators, so having flowers in your garden will increase your chances of a visit. It is their great colour vision that helps find flowers. Different species prefer different colours, but you cannot go wrong with orange, yellow, or red.

Another great attraction is a hummingbird feeder. Choose one that is red or orange. But do not use any paint to colour the nectar itself! It may harm the birds.

Fill up the feeder with a refresher, which is 3/4 water and 1/4 sugar.

It is important that once you put out a feeder, you must clean it regularly. Otherwise, hummingbirds can get infected with different kinds of bacteria.

3. What Kind of Camera Do You Need to Photograph Hummingbirds?

Wildlife and bird photography are challenging genres. On top of the speed, hummingbirds are tiny. This makes them hard to spot and even harder to photograph.

Any camera compatible with wildlife photography will do the job. When choosing a camera for hummingbird photography, the most important features are frames per second and autofocus.

The more frames per second, the better. Choose a camera with a good frame rate, ideally over 11 fps.

Fast continuous autofocus is also going to be of help. You can also look for tracking mode when choosing the focus selection.

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